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Evaluate External JavaScript Files in Yosemite

In my recent post https://lawlessguy.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/javascript-libraries-in-yosemite/, I lamented about the way the Library() function behaves.  I put together a crude hack that helped to achieve something very close to what I had envisioned, but the approach is just too messy. Tonight, I … Continue reading

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Using Standard C Libraries with Yosemite JavaScript

The documentation at https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/releasenotes/InterapplicationCommunication/RN-JavaScriptForAutomation/index.html indicates that a number of standard C / Objective-C libraries may be used in JavaScript via the ObjC.import() mechanism. Please consider the following short program: Here’s what the program looks like when run from osascript ( note that … Continue reading

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JavaScript Libraries in Yosemite

(Please note: I think I found a more palatable way to accomplish what I wanted.  Please also see https://lawlessguy.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/evaluate-external-javascript-files-in-yosemite/ ) I’d like to begin by saying that I didn’t expect this exercise in learning OS/X JavaScript to take me down … Continue reading

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Command Line JavaScript in Yosemite

After running JavaScript from the Script Editor, I tried to run a script via Terminal as I had done before with AppleScript programs. I started with a simple “Hello, world!”-ish program in the Script Editor. I saved the program.  I … Continue reading

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Text to Speech, Yosemite, and JavaScript

I’d been waiting for the formal release of Yosemite so that I could play with JavaScript “automation”.  While tinkering I noticed a simple enough interface to the text-to-speech functions of OS/X. As an early sample program, I wrote a little … Continue reading

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My Mac has Mono

Through an odd series of events beginning with the announcement of a new release of the F# programming language, I ended up installing the Mono system on my Mac. I had been in the business of selling a command-line mailer … Continue reading

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Playing with OS/X Text To Speech

TL;DR – I built an app that exercises OS/X’s support for various spoken voices. You can run the packaged app here: http://www.radiks.net/~jimbo/sayer.zip The .zip file will show up in your Downloads folder.  Click on sayer.zip.  You will be asked if … Continue reading

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Scripting Safari

I am new to Mac programming.  I have downloaded Xcode and MacRuby and have some familiarity with Objective-C and common Unix tools.  I had thought that I might stick to MacRuby for any immediate projects so that I could get … Continue reading

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